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General » "Banned" status no longer used

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#692 (1 year, 2 months ago)
We're now using the status "Inactive" instead of "Banned" for tunes which have been accepted onto Nectarine, but are not currently eligible for request. This is usually because they are highly disliked by users, contain over-the-top explicit lyrics, or are judged unsuitable for play in some way, despite being scene music. It's not a "final" judgement; such tunes could be reactivated in the future depending on user consensus.

Songs which never should have been accepted in the first place (e.g., songs which are primarily samples of commercial tracks, or which aren't really scene-related), would receive status "Rejected" instead.
symptomless coma

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#777 (1 year, 1 month ago)
Feature request (probably very easy): there is now a FAQ entry describing what every status means. Can we please link to that whenever we display a status? So for example I'm looking at song XYZ and it says "Status: Active" and maybe I don't know what that means. So "Active" should be a link that points me to the FAQ page listing all the statuses. (You could be even more clever with popups or whatever, or HTML's abbr tag, but a simple link is probably best, and most accessible. And I bet we aren't supposed to use abbr unless it's really abbreviating a longer phrase.)

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#902 (10 months, 2 weeks ago)
Sorry for not replying here in a timely manner, but, while that's not too hard to implement in a rudimentary way (make the status a link which goes to the FAQ entry), I'm not sure it buys much. There aren't that many statuses, and it makes more sense for the user to just read the FAQ entry once and remember what they mean. If he forgets, he can refer back to it easily enough. If users have to sift through the FAQ to find their answers, well, so much the better, as they should read it.

In day-to-day usage, I think there are only 3 statuses routinely seen: Active, Rejected, and Inactive. Rejected is self-explanatory, and Inactive is deliberately vague (as is its FAQ entry). "Removed by Request" is not usually seen by users anymore, and Missing, Kaput, Reported, and Dupe are comparatively rare.
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