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PC (other)Commodore 64 by flag Tobiah (Tobiah Viksporre)
Requested By: flagMMX

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Song Information

PC-XMOnward Ride (original party version)

Author: flag Jugi (Jukka Kaartinen) GroupComplex

Uploaded By: flagsqrmax

Song Length: 8:03
Release Year: 1995
Song Status: Active
Song Source: Demo
Song Platform: PlatformPC-XM

Additional Information:

This is the original .mod file from the demo. Note it lasts 8:03, not 8:30+. The middle break (or interlude) for the checkerboard is different, and the ending is also different. As of 2/20/2013, the .mod file available from is not correct and does not correspond to how the demo sounds.

But there's more. Further examination by flagsqrmax with the invaluable assistance of flagMel reveals the following. There are two versions of dope.mod, as packaged with the demo.

1. dope.mod, 1060522 bytes.
2. dope.mod, 957334 bytes.

The party at which Dope the demo was released ran from 4/12/95 to 4/15/95, and the demo deadline was 4/14/95. Module #1 was released at the party, and has a timestamp of 4/14/95. Module #2 is available from, and has a timestamp of 4/12/95. Module #1 is this song, and module #2 is Onward Ride (Original). So, it looks like the module at is some previous version of the module.

It gets even more interesting when you look at the timestamps of the .exes. The timestamp for dope.exe as released at the party is 4/12/95, while the .exe at is from 4/15/95! So, it looks like the .exe and .mod files could have gotten cross-packaged. Perhaps the newer .exe from should go with the newer dope.mod file released at the party!

Now, which version of Onward ride is "correct"? We haven't been able to determine that yet. However, Romeo Knight remixed what he called the "original" version of Onward ride (see his comments at, and he clearly remixed the interlude in this song, as opposed to the interlude in Onward Ride (Original). Also, flagShinobi confirms Romeo Knight's remix features the interlude in this version, as opposed to Onward Ride (Original). So, it looks like this one is considered by others the "original" version of Onward ride.

If you are curious as to why this version of Onward ride is not the same as Onward Ride (Original), go to pattern 74 (decimal) in both modules and check the difference.

Finally, several youtube videos I've seen do not synch up the video to the music. In fact, not even MindCandy gets it right. This might be because of Jugi's comment in the .txt file attached to the party demo version, in which he complains that everything's fucked up because the machines are too fast. Trying to run the demo on modern hardware shows that the more cycle starved the demo runs, the better the interlude syncs up with the checkerboard part (the interlude should start exactly when the first rotating figure appears, right when the fire clouds finish going away). Unfortunately, most (if not all) videos use module #2 from, which is not how the demo was released at the party.

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It was added 11 years, 3 months ago.

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Compilation / Remix Information

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User Comments

User Song Comment

Hi, no link to download the first version ? (1. dope.mod, 1060522 bytes.)

On every other website, we have the second version... :-(


For the files, you can send me a PM .


Thanks to flagSaga_Musix, the file is now hosted at ModArchive.