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AMIGA-MODSuburbass Commando by flag u4ia (Jim Young)
Requested By: djrandom

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Compilation Compilation: Bitjam Podcast #14

Compilation Summary:
Name: Bitjam Podcast #14
Label: BitFellas: Bitjam Podcast
Media Type: MP3 / CUE
Additional Info: Details Page
Download Link: Download Info

Added On: 22 June 2010
By: flagMystra

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Compilation Details For Bitjam Podcast #14:

01. 2prO! (intro, unreleased) by tEiS ( MISSING)
02. Rain over Rampartt by Darkhalo
03. Timez by Krii
04. Love Prevails by Psidream
05. Bangkok Dusk by Lois Laine
06. Like Butter by Psidream
07. Plastik Milk by Fanu
08. Walk on Fire by Fanu
09. Svimmelhet by Lonewolf
10. We got da Funk by Mad-E
11. Merely Business by Krii
12. It's about Time Remix (unreleased) by Vable ( MISSING)
13. It's about Time by Vable
14. Lite Teknolagy Remix by Krii ( MISSING)
15. Lite Teknolagy by tEiS
16. Lite Teknolagy Remix by Techleash ( MISSING)
17. Techniqs Remix by Techleash ( MISSING)
18. Techniqs by LordChaos
19. Techniqs Remix by Mad-E ( MISSING)
20. Ambushby Vable
21. Nightrider by Linus ( MISSING)
22. Flamed Grill by Deginge
23. Broken by Deginge ( MISSING)
24. Kodo by John Denheen ( MISSING)
25. Scared Remix by Endoplasm ( MISSING)
26. Scared by Mad-E
27. Reach the Orbit Remix by Mad-E ( MISSING)
28. LaserTag by Psidream
29. Funktech Complex by J-Wolf ( MISSING)
30. Dark Plasma by Plasmexx
31. Playin wit Breakz by KitCat
32. Eklipz by Fanu ( MISSING)
33. WinterNight Remix (unreleased) by tEiS ( MISSING)
34. OhMy (unreleased) by tEiS ( MISSING)
35. Deep Trouble by deKonstrukt
36. Heartache0 by Decem ( MISSING)
37. Fake PlayaZ (unreleased) by Aleksee and tEiS ( MISSING)
38. Innerspace Travel Remix (Outro, unreleased) by tEiS ( MISSING)
Total playtime: 59:26min.

Compilation Artists: flag Darkhalo (Josh Barnett) flag Deginge flag deKonstrukt flag Fanu (Janne Hatula) flag KitCat flag Krii (Ilpo Kärkkäinen) flag Linus (Sascha Zeidler) flag Lone Wolf (Øyvind Stole) flag Lord Chaos flag Plasmexx flag PsiDream (Jeff Malcolm) flag Techleash (Bjørgvin Jonsson) flag tEiS (Craig Bynum) flag Vable

Compilation Groups: GroupMo'Playaz

Songs In This Production (21 Total) :

PC (other)Ambushby by flag Vable Log in to queue
PC-XMBangkok Dusk by flag Lord Chaos Log in to queue
PC-XMDark Plasma by flag Plasmexx Log in to queue
PC (other)Deep Trouble by flag deKonstrukt Log in to queue
PC (other)Flamed Grill by flag Deginge Log in to queue
PC (other)It's About Time by flag Vable Log in to queue
PC-ITLaserTag by flag PsiDream (Jeff Malcolm) Log in to queue
PC-ITLike Butter by flag PsiDream (Jeff Malcolm) l Locked
AMIGA-MODLite Teknolagy by flag tEiS (Craig Bynum) Log in to queue
PC-ITLove Prevails by flag PsiDream (Jeff Malcolm) Log in to queue
PC-ITMerely Business by flag Krii (Ilpo Kärkkäinen) Log in to queue
PC-XMPlastik Milk by flag Fanu (Janne Hatula) l Locked
PC-XMPlayin' wit Breakz by flag KitCat Log in to queue
Rain over Ramparts by flag Darkhalo (Josh Barnett) Log in to queue
PC-XMSvimmelhet by flag Lone Wolf (Øyvind Stole) Log in to queue
PC-XMTechniques by flag Lord Chaos Log in to queue
PC-XMTechniques Remix by flag Techleash (Bjørgvin Jonsson) l Locked
PC-ITTimez by flag Krii (Ilpo Kärkkäinen) Log in to queue
PC-XMWalk on Fire by flag Fanu (Janne Hatula) Log in to queue
PC-XMWe Got da Funk by flag Mad-E (Thomas Lykke Petersen) l Locked
PC-XMWhen You Get Scared by flag Mad-E (Thomas Lykke Petersen) Log in to queue

Production Notes:

When MVP went inactive in 2002, the scene lost one of the last quality tracking groups. Bitjam brings you a best-of Mo'Playaz special, exclusively mixed by labelhead tEiS and featuring the biggest MVP hits as well as unreleased material. Tune in, junglist!

Mixed by tEiS, logo #14 by KF, text by Dipswitch

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