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PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Sick At Heart by flag Pator (Kamil Patecki)
Requested By: flagViThor

Time Left: 3:02

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flag Unplayed Requester™

Member Since: September 3, 2015
13 Uploads, 24179 Votes, Spoken 803 Times.
Last Login: May 14, 2021
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Public information

Nectarine Demoscene Radio powered by Demovibes and Ojuice

My ratings for tunes:
5 stars: one of my favorites
4 stars: very good, would like to hear it more often
3 stars: good, would not mind hearing it again
2 stars: not too great, would prefer to not hear it again
1 stars: do not ever want to hear it again

Currently requesting tunes from this page:

Missing, inactive, removed or rejected Christmas tunes I have not yet voted on:
Black Christmas Ale
Christmas drunk
Christmas Hentai Hooker (3)
Christmas Update
Failed Cristmas
Last Christmas
We Wish You (A Very Nect-mas)
Xmas Greetings

Active tunes I would like to listen to:
Hardcore Lullaby
Awaited Nausicaa
Awake to Die
Autumn Leaves

Missing tunes I would like to listen to:
.KSS Original Music #04
Analogies - Intro
22 Trax Traveled
3DO Game Guru Main Theme
4th floor
A Strange Answer
A sun without you
After Midnight - Club Darkness Edit (v3)
After You
Airline Flight 69
Alien project
Alien Territory
All of me
Amiright [amstrad]
Amnesia Song 2
Analogies - Intro
Another lifestyle
Another Reality
Another lifestyle
Another Reality
Apidya Techno Party 5
Appelsap 06
Appelsap 06
Arkanoid (hiscore remix)
Arkanoid 2 the Hip Hop Tune [amstrad]
Arkanoid (hiscore remix)
Arkanoid 2 the Hip Hop Tune [amstrad]
Around the World
Atomic bomb

Duplicate tunes I would like to listen to:
1000000 miles
1942 cover
300 Days of the BOFH
2good2b true
2nd reality (remake)
3vil ch33p suxmix
45 king
9mm from heaven tmdc version
a corrected mp3
A Drop of Blue
A maze in
A Message To You Mom
A Midsummer Night's Groove
adsr - the dub
After the rain
Alfa, beta, gunnar
Alive (short cut)
All hallows sunset
Alone again
Alucard Mono
Al​-​ya Trance
Anal Love (dupe)
Anarchy [amstrad]
Andromedos end
Arcane theme
Art of electronic house
Aspect crack02
Astaroth1 fc3
Astra 2
Auf wiedersehen monty
Auf Wiedersehen Monty Monty-Mole

Rejected tunes I would like to listen to:
!Radioactivity (LOM Mix)!
"Retro Act: Rearmed" -- New Horizon
0025. I can't go
0106. Fat Mermaid Castle Of Treason
0108. O hai Gemini
04. Bossanova
07. Nectarine Valley
1 2 Polizei
1 Step Further
10. Giana Chics are the breast
12 o'clock
1869: Intro
1869: Title (Facing the Atlantic)
1942 Hi-Score theme ("You Were There")
26. Ello Ello
30 Minut - ZX Spectrum Mix
4 Biocyborg
4'33" for piano
42. Jump the Base
52. West Polizei Densetsu
55. Dark Clementine
8-Bit Keys (NuRadix Mix)
A Day in Winter
A Direction
A Dog Smile [→Extra Extended]
A Dogs Smile [v.2.5-Falling-Mix]
A Dogs Smile [\FlexNet Edition]
A Remeny Toredeke
A Sad Fly In a Jar of Jam
A September Night In Dark City [2nd]
A Twin Love
AC/DC - Fire Your Guns
Acid Days
Addicted to You
Adventures Beyond Challenge
After Midnight
After Midnight
After Midnight v2
After Midnight v2
aika huono piisi...
AiR - Digital Insanity
Algorhythmic [correct timing]
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - High Score
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Main Title
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 01
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 02
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 03
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 04
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 05
All Hallows Eve
All I Have Is All I Need
All My Bitches
All the Ways of Love
Alltime Classics
Almost One Day
Amberstar (Main Theme)
Amiga Demoscene Mixtape 001 - Oldskool Classics
Amper age
Angel Island (Memories Mix)
Another World (End Theme Remix)
Apidya (Credits / Piano)
Ark Pandora
Around the Bend
Atomino track 1
Atomino track 3
Atomino track 4
Auf Wiedersehen Monty
Auf Wiedersehen Monty
Aurielis (lf box mix)
Awful Memories...

Inactive tunes I would like to listen to:
"Retro Act: Rearmed" -- Under the Radar
'95 house-megamix
'95 Raver's Megamix
(My) Doom
0001. First Tracked Tune
0083. Fashion 2 Explode
02 Voxbox
02. Mega-mini Mixolomania
11. Third Wind
11th Hour - 2nd Part - MIDI
14. Wednesday Tango
19. Shelda?
2 London n Back
27. New Beginning
29. Forest Girl 2.0
4mat DNA Dream - MIDI
A Final Hyperbase
Ace trever white trash extraordinaire
Acid Panik Mix
Across Tundras
ADHD Evan (Breath of Fire II)
Alapaan ongelmat remix
Aleph One
Alfred Chicken - Bonus2
Alfred Chicken - Bonus2 midi
Alfred Chicken - Credits
Alfred Chicken - Endgame midi
Alfred Chicken - Ingame1
Alfred Chicken - Ingame1 midi
Alfred Chicken - Ingame2
Alfred Chicken - Radio1
Alfred Chicken - Radio1 midi
Alfred Chicken - Title1
Alfred Chicken - Title1 midi
Alibi Dixi (shx)
All Points Bulletin [amstrad]
Anarchy full menu
Aquarium Remix (Falling star) (Song is cut)
Arabian Nights
Arawn Shakta Aine
Armageddon Man (Brave New World)
Armageddon Man

Removed tunes I would like to listen to:
1 Dollar Pants
10th Copyright Infringment Massacre in C Sharp Major
16. Mondobondo
2 Backen (V1.0)
2 Backen (V1.1)
3D Demo Tune [Sweet.Space.Remix]
4MAT - Anarchy Menu1 - daXX RMX
9 Fingers [Spaceballs - 9 Fingers daXX RMX]
A Life on Drugs
A Life on Drugs (Studio Remix)
A life on drugs remix
A New Beginning
A Rainy Day
A short tribute to David Carretta
A tribute to Anthony Rother
Acidrock - Budbrain demo [house remix]
Act Of Impulse [Phenomenal.Retro.Mix]
Adderall Cognitive Expansion
Aegis Falcon
Aggravated Assault
Albino 2
Amazonas - SweeterMix
Ambient Exploration
angel Eyes
Another World
Arkanoid Techhouse RMX
Arps Aplenty
Assault on Arkham
Atari 7800
Atari 800xl

Moved tunes I would like to listen to:
Agent X II [Amstrad]
Another World (outro remix)
Apidya Intro 3
Apidya Intro 4
Apidya Sewers Blast 6
Apple Assault
Apple Assault : Hi Score

Odd stuff from my favorites:
Awhr (2016 drained mix)
Buda Beast (Kooma Mix)
Computer, ich befehle dir!
Dicke Eier
Ein Feindliches Schiff
Elvis Egen Indian
I'll Be with You 2011
I Gonna Live My Life With You [2k]
O Little Town of Betlehem
Windows 95 Never Dies 'Laugh Mix'
XMAS Hardcore Anthem 2010

Weird vocal performances:
Der Danko
Girls, Girls, Girls (Satisfaction 110%)
I Gonna Live My Life With You [2k]
I Want to Bake a Cake

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A sample of paraphrased, awful posts from the OneLiner:
"The holocaust is a hoax!"
"Hitler tried to warn us about the jews..."
"9/11 was an inside job!"
"George W. Bush is a Satanist following his master Aleister Crowley!"
"5G causes Corona and/or is a technology to control the sheeple's brains!"
"The SARS-CoV-2 pandemix is a hoax by the global elites and the biggest scam in history!"
"Bill Gates will implant microchips into your bodies and has created the fake Coronavirus pandemic!"
"COVID-19 can be cured overnight with three Aspirin pills and hot lemon juice. I read it in a WhatsApp chain message!"
"I can bet 10.000.000€ there is no pandemic in Finland."
"Wearing masks harms your immune system! Masks are an attack on our freedom!"
"Black Lives Matter? Why are people protesting about a thing that happened hundreds of years ago? Why should I apologize when I never personally owned slaves?"
"Her rape accusations surely are a lie! She only wants attention."
"Gay people are iffy and LGBT+ pride is bullshit."
"Alexei Navalny has been hospitalized again? He must be really fragile. He he he."

Personal achievements:
2020-02-02: Vote on 20.000 tunes.
2020-01-25: Request until only tunes with 5 votes remain on the table of least voted tunes (playable only).
2019-06-01: Request until only tunes with 7 votes and no platform icon remain on the table of least played tunes (playable only).
2019-05-26: Request until only tunes with 6 votes remain on the table of least voted tunes (playable only).
2018-12-21: Request until only missing entries remain on the table of least played tunes.
2017-12-31: Help reach the target of 100% of all available tunes requested at least once in 2017.
2017-04-16: Vote on 10.000 tunes.
2017-02-01: Request until only tunes with (1) a rating of 2.9 or lower and (2) no platform icon that (3) have been played exactly 7 times since their upload are on the list of least played tunes. (This took about a year.)