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Comic Bakery (extended version) by flag Instant Remedy (Martin Noriander)
Requested By: djrandom

Time Left: 5:30

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flag Unplayed Requester™

Member Since: September 3, 2015
13 Uploads, 25007 Votes, Spoken 922 Times.
Last Login: September 21, 2021
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Public information

Nectarine Demoscene Radio powered by Demovibes and Ojuice

My rating approach:
5 stars: one of my favorites
4 stars: very good, would like to hear it more often
3 stars: good, would not mind hearing it again
2 stars: not too great, would prefer to not hear it again
1 stars: do not ever want to hear it again

My usual request pattern:
1. Least played tunes with fewer than 5 plays
2. Least voted tunes with fewer than 5 votes
3. Tunes from
4. Tunes from my favourites

Missing, inactive, removed or rejected Christmas tunes I have not yet voted on:
Black Christmas Ale
Christmas drunk
Christmas Hentai Hooker (3)
Christmas Update
Failed Cristmas
Last Christmas
We Wish You (A Very Nect-mas)
Xmas Greetings

Active tunes I would like to listen to:
Bang on the Line
Battle for Life
Battlefield Insanity

Missing tunes I would like to listen to:
.KSS Original Music #04
Analogies - Intro
22 Trax Traveled
3DO Game Guru Main Theme
4th floor
A Strange Answer
A sun without you
After Midnight - Club Darkness Edit (v3)
After You
Airline Flight 69
Alien project
All of me
Amiright [amstrad]
Amnesia Song 2
Analogies - Intro
Another lifestyle
Another Reality
Another lifestyle
Another Reality
Apidya Techno Party 5
Appelsap 06
Appelsap 06
Arkanoid (hiscore remix)
Arkanoid 2 the Hip Hop Tune [amstrad]
Arkanoid (hiscore remix)
Arkanoid 2 the Hip Hop Tune [amstrad]
Around the World
Atomic bomb
Baby of can guru
Back Part 14 Dub Road
Banana madness
Banjo Mix

Duplicate tunes I would like to listen to:
1000000 miles
1942 cover
300 Days of the BOFH
2good2b true
2nd reality (remake)
3vil ch33p suxmix
45 king
9mm from heaven tmdc version
a corrected mp3
A Drop of Blue
A maze in
Alien Territory
A Message To You Mom
A Midsummer Night's Groove
adsr - the dub
After the rain
Alfa, beta, gunnar
Alive (short cut)
All hallows sunset
Alone again
Alucard Mono
Al​-​ya Trance
Anal Love (dupe)
Anarchy [amstrad]
Andromedos end
Arcane theme
Art of electronic house
Aspect crack02
Astaroth1 fc3
Astra 2
Auf wiedersehen monty
Auf Wiedersehen Monty Monty-Mole
Back to the reality
Badger Lizard
Bang tick tick 07 out to play
Bang tick tick cd 03 discord
Bang tick tick cd02
Bangkok nights loader
Bass'n Treble
Battle valley [amstrad]

Rejected tunes I would like to listen to:
!Radioactivity (LOM Mix)!
"Retro Act: Rearmed" -- New Horizon
0025. I can't go
0106. Fat Mermaid Castle Of Treason
0108. O hai Gemini
04. Bossanova
07. Nectarine Valley
1 2 Polizei
1 Step Further
10. Giana Chics are the breast
12 o'clock
1869: Intro
1869: Title (Facing the Atlantic)
1942 Hi-Score theme ("You Were There")
26. Ello Ello
30 Minut - ZX Spectrum Mix
4 Biocyborg
4'33" for piano
42. Jump the Base
52. West Polizei Densetsu
55. Dark Clementine
8-Bit Keys (NuRadix Mix)
A Day in Winter
A Direction
A Dog Smile [→Extra Extended]
A Dogs Smile [v.2.5-Falling-Mix]
A Dogs Smile [\FlexNet Edition]
A Remeny Toredeke
A Sad Fly In a Jar of Jam
A September Night In Dark City [2nd]
A Twin Love
AC/DC - Fire Your Guns
Acid Days
Addicted to You
Adventures Beyond Challenge
After Midnight
After Midnight
After Midnight v2
After Midnight v2
aika huono piisi...
AiR - Digital Insanity
Algorhythmic [correct timing]
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - High Score
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Main Title
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 01
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 02
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 03
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 04
Alien 3 (Sega Mega Drive) - Stage 05
All Hallows Eve
All I Have Is All I Need
All My Bitches
All the Ways of Love
Alltime Classics
Almost One Day
Amberstar (Main Theme)
Amiga Demoscene Mixtape 001 - Oldskool Classics
Amper age
Angel Island (Memories Mix)
Another World (End Theme Remix)
Apidya (Credits / Piano)
Ark Pandora
Around the Bend
Atomino track 1
Atomino track 3
Atomino track 4
Auf Wiedersehen Monty
Auf Wiedersehen Monty
Aurielis (lf box mix)
Awful Memories...
B-W-D beat
Back Beat Wall (Wonderwall Jungle remix)
Balamb Garden
Banjo kazooie oldskool squarewave oc removed
Banjo Man
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior - Title
Basejump [last building cut]
Bash Your Skull
Battery '92
Battle Squadron
Battle Squadron Remake
Battle vs. MissingNo.
Battles of Subcon
Battletoads - Level 12 - The Revolution
Battletoads - Level 2 - Wookie Hole
Battletoads - Level 5 - Backpackin'
Battletoads - Level 8 - Intruder Excluder
Battletoads - Title Screen
Bazz a Bazz
BBS Dentro2

Inactive tunes I would like to listen to:
Az Alvilág Hírnöke
"Retro Act: Rearmed" -- Under the Radar
'95 house-megamix
'95 Raver's Megamix
(My) Doom
0001. First Tracked Tune
0083. Fashion 2 Explode
02 Voxbox
02. Mega-mini Mixolomania
11. Third Wind
11th Hour - 2nd Part - MIDI
14. Wednesday Tango
19. Shelda?
2 London n Back
27. New Beginning
29. Forest Girl 2.0
4mat DNA Dream - MIDI
A Final Hyperbase
Ace trever white trash extraordinaire
Acid Panik Mix
Across Tundras
ADHD Evan (Breath of Fire II)
Alapaan ongelmat remix
Aleph One
Alfred Chicken - Bonus2
Alfred Chicken - Bonus2 midi
Alfred Chicken - Credits
Alfred Chicken - Endgame midi
Alfred Chicken - Ingame1
Alfred Chicken - Ingame1 midi
Alfred Chicken - Ingame2
Alfred Chicken - Radio1
Alfred Chicken - Radio1 midi
Alfred Chicken - Title1
Alfred Chicken - Title1 midi
Alibi Dixi (shx)
All Points Bulletin [amstrad]
Anarchy full menu
Aquarium Remix (Falling star) (Song is cut)
Arabian Nights
Arawn Shakta Aine
Armageddon Man (Brave New World)
Armageddon Man
Bad Company - Track 4 [YM]
Back Win
Bass Tribe
Batman returns

Removed tunes I would like to listen to:
1 Dollar Pants
10th Copyright Infringment Massacre in C Sharp Major
16. Mondobondo
2 Backen (V1.0)
2 Backen (V1.1)
3D Demo Tune [Sweet.Space.Remix]
4MAT - Anarchy Menu1 - daXX RMX
9 Fingers [Spaceballs - 9 Fingers daXX RMX]
A Life on Drugs
A Life on Drugs (Studio Remix)
A life on drugs remix
A New Beginning
A Rainy Day
A short tribute to David Carretta
A tribute to Anthony Rother
Acidrock - Budbrain demo [house remix]
Act Of Impulse [Phenomenal.Retro.Mix]
Adderall Cognitive Expansion
Aegis Falcon
Aggravated Assault
Albino 2
Amazonas - SweeterMix
Ambient Exploration
angel Eyes
Another World
Arkanoid Techhouse RMX
Arps Aplenty
Assault on Arkham
Atari 7800
Atari 800xl
Ayla II
Azure Point Layla
Back in September
Back to the 80s
Back to the 80s
Balrog's Theme
Battlefield Earth
Battlefield Earth

Moved tunes I would like to listen to:
Agent X II [Amstrad]
Another World (outro remix)
Apidya Intro 3
Apidya Intro 4
Apidya Sewers Blast 6
Apple Assault
Apple Assault : Hi Score
Bad Cat
Bad Company - Track 3 [YM]
Bad Company - Track 5 [YM]
Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja [amstrad]
Batman - Chemical Factory [Amiga]
Batman - Driving Stage [Amiga]
Batman the movie level 5

Odd stuff from my favorites:
Awhr (2016 drained mix)
Buda Beast (Kooma Mix)
Computer, ich befehle dir!
Dicke Eier
Ein Feindliches Schiff
Elvis Egen Indian
I'll Be with You 2011
I Gonna Live My Life With You [2k]
O Little Town of Betlehem
Windows 95 Never Dies 'Laugh Mix'
XMAS Hardcore Anthem 2010

Weird vocal performances:
Der Danko
Girls, Girls, Girls (Satisfaction 110%)
I Gonna Live My Life With You [2k]
I Want to Bake a Cake

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2019-06-01: Request until only tunes with 7 votes and no platform icon remain on the table of least played tunes (playable only).
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2018-12-21: Request until only missing entries remain on the table of least played tunes.
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