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Game BoyDnb chip mix 2007 by flag Virt (Jake Kaufman)
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Compilation Compilation: Autumntunes

UBI011 - Autumntunes
UBI011 - Autumntunes

Compilation Summary:
Name: Autumntunes
Label: Ubiktune
Release Date: 30 Nov. 2009
Running Time: 38:59
Num. Disks: 1
Media Type: MP3 / FLAC
Additional Info: Details Page
Download Link: Download Info

Added On: 4 Jan. 2019
By: flagSTS-136

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Compilation Details For Autumntunes:

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." — Stanley Horowitz.

One of four "season" themed albums of chiptune music from Ubiktune label.

Compilation Artists: flag C-jeff (Dmitry Zhemkov) flag coda (Ken Snyder) flag Joule (Joel Johansson) flag Kulor flag Malmen (Kristoffer Malmgren) flag Manwe (Alexander Matchugovsky) flag Megus (Roman Petrov) flag nq (Oleg Nikitin) flag Shnabubula (Samuel Ascher-Weiss) flag Syphus (Brendan Ratliff) flag Virt (Jake Kaufman) flag Zinger

Songs In This Production (12 Total) :

PC (other)Five Minutes of Autumn by flag Megus (Roman Petrov) l Locked
PC (other)Ashen Emotion by flag Zinger Log in to queue
PC-XMBursting Bubble Boy by flag Joule (Joel Johansson) l Locked
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Doorbellsplosion by flag Kulor Log in to queue
PC-XMFlirt Talk by flag Malmen (Kristoffer Malmgren) l Locked
NESUse a Rake by flag Shnabubula (Samuel Ascher-Weiss) Log in to queue
NESMecha-Kukai Travels to Chang'An by flag Virt (Jake Kaufman) Log in to queue
PC-S3MRotagilla Have video by flag Manwe (Alexander Matchugovsky) Log in to queue
AMIGA-customDrop Table by flag Syphus (Brendan Ratliff) Log in to queue
PC-ITHarvest Moon by flag coda (Ken Snyder) Log in to queue
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)The Whiskey Has Been Drinking, Not Me by flag nq (Oleg Nikitin) l Locked
PC (other)Last Minutes of Autumn by flag C-jeff (Dmitry Zhemkov) l Locked

All Images For This Compilation

UBI011 - Autumntunes
UBI011 - Autumntunes