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PC-ReasonI'll Be with You 2011 by flag rams (Ramon Ott)
Requested By: flagAccidental
In Compilations: Compilation Nectarine Compo #10 - Crap you up compo

Time Left: 3:56

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Author Thread
Unplayed Requester™

31 Posts
#1288 (1 month, 2 weeks ago)
One Hundred Light Years Home (piano) was uploaded four times with the same title.

26 Posts
#1289 (1 month, 2 weeks ago)
I have marked three of them as dupes.

Mrs Beanbag said that the upload kept timing out, so she tried several times. Apparently they all went through in the end.
Unplayed Requester™

31 Posts
#1294 (1 month, 1 week ago)
I had the same problem a few years back when I was uploading a tune. Thanks for marking them as dupes!
a pointer wants to dangle

36 Posts
#1316 (2 days, 21 hours ago)
This artist has a wrong handle. "Amigos" is a group, not an artist. I don't know what's artist's handle, so use just the real name.
flag Amigos (Jean-Pierre Jandrain )
symptomless coma

235 Posts
#1317 (2 days, 13 hours ago)
8-bit Märchenland (C=64) is kinda 8bit Märchenland plus lyrics. Not sure of the exact relationship (not a "remix" really?): do we have a way to mark this?
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