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SID (6581/8580)Cybernoid 2 Have video by flag WAVE (Jeroen Tel)
Requested By: flagna85
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Song Information

PC (other)Rock Band Explicit content

Author: flag MC Nachbar

Uploaded By: flagYohabro

Song Length: 3:36
Release Year: 2010
Song Status: Rejected
Song Bitrate: 256 kbps
Song Legacy Flag: R
Song Source: Compo Entry
Song Platform: PlatformPC (other)

Additional Information:

Alternate entry for the Magfest Dwelling of Duels contest.

Warning: NSFW, extremely profane lyrics.

Download link:

I don't wanna be in your rock band
I want you to be on my cock, and
I don't ever want you to stop
Hand over hand till you get to the top
I don't wanna play in your song
No, I just wanna play with your thong
Ho, my game, it gon' take very long
Yo, I don't care if some of the notes wrong

Ayo, take the guitar (okay), and you take bass (all right)
I'll get up in the front with the mike in my face
Pick a song, any song, don't even care
Lo and behold, I ain't that kind of player
Y'all have fun jammin' with the pros
Being guitar heroes, fiddlin' like Neros
You're gaugin' all zeros, tiltin' that star power
"Motherfucker, you been here four hour!"
Bitch, please, down on your knees, don't have to beg
'Cause I know you got a chill running up your leg
I'll fertilise eggs like they serve with some bacon
Takin' and breakin' 'em till they shells be achin'
MC Nach, the hip-hop hero, my rhymes be ample
Ain't nobody playin' big shit on my samples
What, you think you can step up here with plastic twelves
All like "I'm the illest of the elves"
Back on your World of Warcraft
Get your headset on, practising your dork laugh
You're 30, can't buy a 40 without gettin' carded
So 'grats on your ding -- you're goddamn retarded

I don't wanna be in your rock band ...etc.

Far be it from me to say it's slightly insane
To pay a hundred seventy dollars for one game
With or without the full complement of fake instruments
Ain't gonna judge 'cause I'm nipples like Junior Mints
Ah damn, is it just me or is it cold in here
Or is it that I'm putting crude thoughts up in the ear
Or is it that I'm whispering so sweetly in here
Or is it that you want a fat dick in the rear
Or is it the thought of musicians that's arousing
Whammy bar getting you ready for some carousing
When it comes to music I'll be batting a thousand
That's the number of cities in which I own a house in

I don't wanna be in your rock band ...etc.

Watchin' them notes rainin' down on your screen
I don't know whatcha doing with them fingers so clean
Seems like talent you waste on a machine
How about practising on my penis
It's a shame that you a virtual Stone Temple Pilot
When all the while we could be playing in private
Playing some air guitar, why not try it
I know your thang wet so why doncha air-dry it

I don't wanna be in your rock band ...etc.

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All I ever wanted was some Sunshine.

Some of the funniest lyrics I've heard in a while.

listening to necta

Yohabro thanx for uploading
I don't wanna be in Irak, I want you to be on my cock.... hehe


attention all. MMX made me request this song

Nostalgic BBS Sysop - v2.0

lame, sorry.