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PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Nonsence! by flag Vedem
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Song Information

PC-XMThe Last Currywurst

Author: flag Axel (Alexander Strohm) , flag Mystra (Kjell Pedersen)

Uploaded By: flaglemonade

Song Length: 3:38
Release Year: 2010
Song Status: Active
Song Source: Compo Entry
Song Platform: PlatformPC-XM

Additional Information:

9th @ Breakpoint 2010 Unofficial Tracked Music compo

Last Queued : 3 weeks, 6 days ago

This song has been played 109 times. [See Request History]
It was added 10 years, 5 months ago.

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Song Rating

Song Rating: 4.4 - Votes Placed: 79 View Voting History
A total of 31 users have this song on their favourites list.

Compilation / Remix Information

This Song Is Listed In The Following Compilations:

Compilation Bitjam Podcast #115


Brainstorm Annual 2011
Brainstorm Annual 2011

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User Comments

User Song Comment

the most funny thing about this work is that i'm NOT the author.

Blah! (c:

lamb, you should recognize that it's too late to deny your ownership. Are you expecting and to fake their results.txt from Breapkoint as well? Those files will never be changed, so it will be obvious that you made the tune, although you don't want to admit that (for whatever reason, it's a nice track). So why do you try so hard to hide it here?


i smell some bullshit here


Ok let me make that clear one last time: The track started out as a coop with Lamb in 2005 or 2006, then it was on my harddisk unfinished, and for BP2010 I thought it would be great to finish it, so I asked Mystra if he could help too. He agreed. My "fault" was that I didn't ask Lamb if he STILL wants to be credited in the tune. But I thought that was a no-brainer, so I entered the song in the compo without his approval. Turns out Lamb didn't want to be credited, so he asked for removal of his name in various databases. That's all fine with me. It's his decision and I respect that, as long as he doesn't go about telling lies that he never contributed to the track, that I only wanted to collect votes by adding his name (that's why it ended 9th, huh?), and so on. And I will continue to defend myself against such claims, no matter if here on Nectarine, on, AMP or wherever.

However, Lamb is correct that the two of us have agreed that Lamb is no longer credited as a co-author of this tune and I respect his decision on that. But since he's not listed on this tune anymore anyway, I don't really see what the problem is.


lamb lives in a world made completely in his own mind.. Too bad for example wikipedia noticed that too and deleted his page: "The article has several issues. He hadn't released any album under more important label. The article lists three soundtracks released by him and Google has only torrents. Therefore, it fails criteria of WP:MUSIC. Also lack of reliable & verifiable sources. No third-party source."

I have never seen so humble composer who doesnt want to show his three full-time symphonies, several string quintets and quartets and about 200 pieces for solo instruments, to the world.

So lamb, please tell us where i can enjoy your compositions?