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AMIGA-MODSextyfour (Sextynt) by flag Archon (Stilianos Doussis)
Requested By: flagpartmachine
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The Masters of Pixel Art - volume 3

Masters of Pixel Art vol 3
This book features pictures from the next generation of artists. We explore and present the best of the best pixel art today.


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latter's Favourite Songs

flaglatter Has The Following Favourite Songs:
Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
PC-Renoise006 Spiral Hands On II Captain - Space Debris Have video flag Spiral (Mats Antonsson) 5:04 Active 4.4 l Locked 2021-06-04
PC-Renoise0111. Rainbows Never Die flag Elrinth (Nicklas Holmgren) , flag Wiseman (Thomas Mohr) 6:48 Active 4.3 Log in to queue 2021-05-28
PC-Renoise0118. Soaring Steven Seagull flag Elrinth (Nicklas Holmgren) 5:11 Active 4.1 l Locked 2021-06-10
10000 Hammers of Justice flag !cube (Toni Lönnberg) 2:59 Active 4.5 l Locked 2021-06-02
AMIGA-MOD12th Warrior Have video flag Dr. Awesome (Bjørn Lynne) GroupCrusaders 4:15 Active 4.4 l Locked 2021-06-03
PC-Renoise12th Warrior [Dr.Awesome.Dream.Remix] flag Spiral (Mats Antonsson) 3:54 Active 4.2 Log in to queue 2021-04-22
PC-Renoise12th Warrior [Dr.Awesomes.Spacesynth.Version] flag Spiral (Mats Antonsson) 3:57 Active 4.3 Log in to queue 2021-04-25
PC (other)195/95 (Prelude for Plastic) Have video flag Cdnalsi (Sebastian Spanache) GroupPlastic 4:07 Active 4.6 l Locked 2021-06-12
AMIGA-MOD1990 flag Horace Wimp (Fredrik Skogh) 1:48 Active 4.2 l Locked 2021-06-16
AMIGA-MOD1992 flag Maktone (Martin Nordell) 2:31 Active 4.2 l Locked 2021-06-01
PC-XM1999 flag WAVE (Jeroen Tel) 1:01 Active 4.2 Log in to queue 2021-03-23
PC (other)1:4:9 Have video flag Keen (Alexey W. Komarchuck) 4:18 Active 3.6 l Locked 2021-06-13
PC-IT2 Be With You User Esoteric 3:34 Active 3.9 Log in to queue 2021-04-26
PC-XM2 Pi Radix flag JosSs (José Manuel Pérez Paredes) 1:42 Active 4.1 l Locked 2021-06-09
PC-Buzz2 the Sky flag Silok (Robert Katsenos) 4:42 Active 3.8 l Locked 2021-06-12
2000 An Aural Odyssey flag Firestorm (Panu Aaltio) 3:00 Active 4.5 l Locked 2021-06-09
AMIGA-MOD200kb From Heaven flag DJ Joge (Jouko Karhula) GroupBrainstorm 6:06 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2021-05-29
PC-XM3D Galax flag Dubmood (Kalle Jonsson) 3:49 Active 4.5 l Locked 2021-06-09
PC (other)3D Mark 2000 Have video flag Teque (Tero Kostermaa) GroupMad Onion 5:36 Active 4.6 l Locked 2021-06-06
PC (other)3D Mark 2001 Have video flag Captain (Markus Kaarlonen) GroupMad Onion 1:56 Active 4.5 l Locked 2021-06-16
PC-XM3D Monstarz in da Pocketland flag AceMan (Jakub Szeląg) 4:06 Active 3.8 Log in to queue 2021-05-01
PC (other)4677890 (Original I'm In Your Drumkit, Wasting Your Time Mix) flag Cordis [FI] (Ville Jaakola) 8:19 Active 4.3 l Locked 2021-06-16
PC-Renoise50. Rams on Fire flag Elrinth (Nicklas Holmgren) 3:58 Active 4.1 l Locked 2021-06-09
PC-XM7th Star flag Reptile (Anders Bergström) , flag Sky (SE) (Jimmy Granlund) 3:14 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2021-05-15
PC (other)8-Bit Wonderland Have video flag DQ (Wolf Budgenhagen) GroupKakiarts 3:41 Active 4.5 l Locked 2021-06-07
PC-Renoise<insert title here> flag Ultrasyd (Sydney)Deceased GroupBrainstorm 3:38 Active 4.5 Log in to queue 2021-05-26
Wild<insert title here> (chip version) flag Ultrasyd (Sydney)Deceased 3:28 Active 4.4 Log in to queue 2021-05-04
PC-ITA Cyberspace Oddessey flag deSilva 3:15 Active 3.0 Log in to queue 2021-03-19
PC-XMA Fairie's Dream flag Reptile (Anders Bergström) , flag Sky (SE) (Jimmy Granlund) 3:00 Active 3.9 Log in to queue 2021-05-25
AMIGA-MODA Final Hyperbase - Enigma (aka musiklinjen) Have video flag Firefox (Jimmy Fredriksson) , flag Tip (Robert Österbergh) GroupPhenomena 5:33 Active 4.8 l Locked 2021-06-07
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