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Egocosmos by flag Paniq (Leonard Ritter)
Requested By: flagnyingen

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Compilation Compilation: BitJam Podcast #131

Compilation Summary:
Name: BitJam Podcast #131
Label: Bitfellas: Bitjam Podcast
Running Time: 45:58
Media Type: MP3 / CUE
Additional Info: Details Page
Download Link: Download Info

Added On: 19 Feb. 2012
By: flagLittleWhite

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Compilation Details For BitJam Podcast #131:

01. AceMan - Lost Signal
02. Jazzcat - Electric City
03. Fanta - Motorway 4
04. Jeff - House
05. Peter Salomonsen - Street Life
06. Blaizer - Drugstore Cowboy
07. Melomaniac - Walking
08. Necros - The Crossing
09. Accord - Follow The Sign 2.0
10. Amok - Future City (MISSING)
11. KEiTO - Purple City
12. Acrilic Colors - Skyscraperscape (MISSING)
13. Virt - Looking Out - Cityscape
14. Virgill - Artcity
15. Tefnek - Motor Crazycycle(MISSING)
Total playtime: 57:10min.

Compilation Artists: flag AceMan (Jakub Szeląg) flag Blaizer (Olof Gustafsson) flag Fanta (Alexander Rotzsch) flag Jazzcat (Piotr Pacyna) flag Jeff (Søren Lund) flag KEiTO (Paul Chadwick) flag Marillion (Erik Tilleby) flag Marty flag Melomaniac (Simon Ravn) flag Necros (Andrew Sega) flag Peter Salomonsen flag Vain (Mattias Näslund) flag Virgill (Jochen Feldkötter) flag Virt (Jake Kaufman)

Songs In This Production (12 Total) :

32K exeLost Signal by flag AceMan (Jakub Szeląg) Log in to queue
AMIGA-AHXElectric City Have video by flag Jazzcat (Piotr Pacyna) l Locked
SID (6581/8580)Motorway 4 by flag Fanta (Alexander Rotzsch) Log in to queue
SID (6581/8580)House by flag Jeff (Søren Lund) Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODStreet Life by flag Peter Salomonsen Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODDrugstore Cowboy Have video by flag Blaizer (Olof Gustafsson) , flag Marillion (Erik Tilleby) Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODWalking by flag Marty , flag Melomaniac (Simon Ravn) Log in to queue
PC-S3MThe Crossing by flag Necros (Andrew Sega) Log in to queue
AMIGA-MODFollow the Sign 2.0 by flag Vain (Mattias Näslund) Log in to queue
Purple City by flag KEiTO (Paul Chadwick) l Locked
Looking Out - Cityscape by flag Virt (Jake Kaufman) Log in to queue
PC (other)Artcity Have video by flag Virgill (Jochen Feldkötter) Log in to queue

Production Notes:

Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #131 by Unreal, compiled by Bobic
</td></tr></table><div class="screenshot"><a href="/demovibes/screenshot/20575/"><img src="/static/media/screenshot/thumb/podcast131.jpg" alt="BitJam 131" /></a>
<span class="screenshotname">BitJam 131</span></div></div>

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