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PC (other)I Would Stop Time For You by flag Hazel (Ketil Jensen)
Requested By: djrandom

Time Left: 5:27

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The Masters of Pixel Art - volume 3

Masters of Pixel Art vol 3
This book features pictures from the next generation of artists. We explore and present the best of the best pixel art today.


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finrock's Favourite Songs

flagfinrock Has The Following Favourite Songs:
Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
PC-Renoise0054. Waltzing a Long Road flag Elrinth (Nicklas Holmgren) , flag Wiseman (Thomas Mohr) 3:55 Active 3.3 Log in to queue 2020-11-18
AMIGA-MOD00noname flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) 1:47 Active 3.9 l Locked 2021-01-11
PC-Renoise01 Spiral Hands On MyVoice - Community flag Spiral (Mats Antonsson) 6:00 Active 4.4 Log in to queue 2020-12-20
WildAmiga Tribute flag Ultrasyd (Sydney)Deceased 7:15 Active 4.6 l Locked 2021-01-20
PC-RenoiseAnalogue128 flag ST-Arts 4:02 Active 3.9 Log in to queue 2020-11-06
AMIGA-MODAndante Have video flag Dr. Awesome (Bjørn Lynne) 4:16 Active 3.5 Log in to queue 2021-01-04
PC (other)Antiriad Warhawk Myth flag Glyn R. Brown 9:27 Active 4.1 l Locked 2021-01-12
PC-Renoiseatrackthatfitsonafloppy flag rams (Ramon Ott) GroupNectarine 3:42 Active 4.3 Log in to queue 2020-10-25
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Back to the Future [YM] flag David Whittaker 2:03 Inactive 3.7 l Locked 2019-11-05
AMIGA-MODBass flag Christian Mæland , flag Timmy [NO] (Anders Ormehaug) 4:27 Active 4.3 Log in to queue 2020-12-31
PC (other)Beavis II flag Maf (Benoît Charcosset) 2:18 Active 4.4 l Locked 2021-01-12
PC-RenoiseBeyond the Horizon flag Everdune 4:55 Rejected 4.2 l Locked 2017-04-25
PC (other)Big Deal flag Mordi (Martin Wold Lande) 3:55 Active 4.3 Log in to queue 2020-12-21
PC (other)Blackmail [Tune 1 - Hardcopy] flag PowerTrace (Kent Walldén) 3:23 Active 4.4 Log in to queue 2021-01-01
AMIGA-MODBridge To The Universe (part 1) Have video flag Dr. Awesome (Bjørn Lynne) GroupCrusaders 4:35 Active 3.9 Log in to queue 2020-11-06
AMIGA-MODChicago Song Have video flag Nightlight (Stefan Jaworski) GroupKefrens 4:01 Active 3.7 Log in to queue 2021-01-05
SID (6581/8580)Chimera Have video flag Rob Hubbard 3:39 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2020-08-20
PC (other)Chimera (title theme) flag Boz (Alistair Bowness) 3:46 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2020-10-21
NESChocolate Rain flag coda (Ken Snyder) 2:18 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2020-11-04
Claire Skies flag Xerxes (Klaus Lunde) 3:57 Active 4.5 Log in to queue 2021-01-05
PC (other)Coloris [Budbrain Coloris - DaXX Remix] Have video flag DaXX (Bert Brueggemann) 6:03 Removed By Request 4.4 l Locked 2018-06-12
SID (6581/8580)Commando Have video flag Rob Hubbard 3:54 Active 4.2 l Locked 2021-01-23
AMIGA-MODCritical flag Bosco (Philippe Devauvre) 2:43 Active 2.8 l Locked 2021-01-01
PC-S3MDeath Rally Track 2 flag Purple Motion (Jonne Valtonen) 3:11 Active 4.0 l Locked 2021-01-20
AMIGA-MODDirt flag Nightlight (Stefan Jaworski) GroupKefrens 4:48 Active 4.3 l Locked 2021-01-21
Distant Voices flag Radix (Jakob Svanholm) 3:36 Active 3.8 Log in to queue 2020-11-03
SID (6581/8580)Dragons Lair II flag Rob Hubbard 3:16 Active 2.8 Log in to queue 2020-10-28
AMIGA-MODDreamtaastic flag cTrix (Chris Mylrea) GroupDisaster Area 3:18 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2020-11-06
LiveEchoing (Live Piano Version) flag HideawayStudio (D. A. Wilson) GroupWorld Of Wonders [WOW] 1:29 Active 4.4 l Locked 2021-01-20
AMIGA-MODEcstacy flag Dr. Awesome (Bjørn Lynne) 2:41 Active 3.0 l Locked 2021-01-12
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