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SID (6581/8580)Ice Age by flag WAVE (Jeroen Tel)
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Where the frell were you people when I was wasting my time on quake and doom and stuff?

Ages ago I would hear slips of music from this demoscene stuff only via vage osmosis. I was big into playing doom wads, I got gigs of the stuff. At some point id software released the source to doom. SOmeone made a port, zdoom, that could play module music. People started cramming shiny not-midi music into doom. (That's not to say midi sucks or anything, but a good module can add some kick). I liked some of it, pried it out. Added it to my winamp playlist (Yes, I still use winamp, shuddup), even found the embedded text in these files that would give credits and thank yous to people I didn't have a darn clue who they were. I tried searching for more of this music, didn't really find anything useful outside of the sites of people like Teque and artists who have since faded into the ravages of time.

Very recently I was talking to a DJ friend of mine, mentioned one of the tunes and he went "oh, that's demoscene stuff". It's amazing what one magic word can do in google search. Once I had the magic word: Demoscene. I could find out neat things, like pouet, and this site.

So now I got the stream blasting a lot, and I gawk at you people saying things on the one liner. I got a heap of these old files. Lotta them teque, whoever likes embedding module music in doom wads really loved teque. Lot of the teque tracks weren't bad. I'll probably be hurling a few of them at your uploader and continue digging up copies of these demos and watching them on dosbox. Thank goodness for emulation of old machines.