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PC (other)Forever Again (Short Edit) by flag Puryx (Christian Rønde)
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Song Information

PC (other)All My Bitches Explicit content

Author: flag MC Nachbar

Uploaded By: flagseppjo

Song Length: 3:45
Release Year: 2002
Song Status: Rejected
Song Bitrate: 127 kbps
Song Legacy Flag: R
Song Source: Newschool
Song Platform: PlatformPC (other)

Additional Information:

"you chumps envy my heavy and all my riches, this goes out to all my bitches!"

From the (never released) album "A Little Nach Music". Published March 2002.

Download link:

???... out the style
MC Nach is the top of the file
My file be packin' it with the potent information
Talk about the ??? lovin' the masturbation
Bringin' it to you live from the top of the nation
Thinkin' my flow is gonna survive the tribulation
Fornication, precursor to relation
Think that all your hoes like procrastination
Bitches, hear me out, y'all gotta get a clue
I know a thing or two about a thing or two
Finger to the moon like Bruce, yeah, the thing I'm most hell-bent
Spittin' out rhymes with emotional content
Call it white-fu, it's the art of the flowin'
Ability to paraphrase the sound of bitches blowin'
Goin' down further than the city of Atlantis
Knowin' they ain't got shit on my antics

We got it goin' on [at five pitches?]
We got the funk and we're scratching all the itches
You chumps envy my heavy and all my riches
This goes out to all my bitches

Y'all my bitches, every last one o' you
In my spare time I make effort to make fun of you
Front of you, side of you, behind your back, over you
Whether you a Honda Civic or Ranger Rover you
Are my bitch; all you play is ??? hoes
Nobody knows a Semite with a more hooked nose
And my nose hangin' from the ceilin'
You bitches got ???
You know ??? got the feelin'
You know I got it goin' it on, nine to five, Tinder life, with your wife
And your daughter, the ??? knife sharper than a Bowie knife
And it's cuttin' through the cream with a crop
Didn't know she was kinky and I thought she was a cop
I guess not; ??? just for play
Hope you don't see me at the end of the day
Gotta tip for ya, home, hide the adultery
Your bitch's tight ass is the place I wanna be

We got it goin' on...

When they come around the bitch ??? at my cell
And my two-way ??? with the true way to hell
Hell, if I'da known, I wouldn't have done her so fucking well
'Cause I didn't know the bitch liked to kiss and tell
Shit, the gossip gets around; motherfuckers been talkin' about
How the bitch knew me ??? rocket
Word hits a nigga; I'm like "oh shit, they hitched?"
But then it hits me: I'll just make *him* my bitch
Gunpoint, fun point, with the semi-automatic
??? sayin' this shit won't be democratic
I say "on your knees, bitch ??? above me"
Then I'm like "motherfucker, I'll fuck you till you love me"
Ten minutes later, bitch wipin' off his chin
The wife bitch ??? decides to walk in
"Oh my God, whatcha do to my boo?"
I'm like "shut your mouth, bitch, 'cause you're my bitch too"

We got it goin' on...

Heh-heh-heh, shit, I got bitches all over the place
Bitches in Mexico City, in Nebraska
J-Lo, she one o' my bitches
All the Spice Girls, they my bitches
George W. Bush, definitely my bitch
Webster and Gary Coleman, both my bitches
Let's see... who else?
Madonna's my bitch, Linus Torvalds is my bitch
??? all five of the Backstreet Boys
Cleo the psychic
Michael George... ???

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5 stars for crisp and professional production.
-1 for rap

listening to necta

lol I don't like rap this much anymore. but his songs make me remember good ol times.

[Yes Info Line]

lol i dunno what it's doin here (except it's from Virt) but this is freakin hilarious


Shut your mouth, bitch - cause you're my bith too!



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