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WildPower Ninja Action Challenge by flag lft (Linus Ã…kesson)
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Song Information

PC (other)Whackin' it Explicit content

Author: flag MC Nachbar

Uploaded By: flagSTS-136

Song Length: 4:02
Release Year: 2001
Song Status: Rejected
Song Bitrate: 127 kbps
Song Legacy Flag: R
Song Source: Newschool
Song Platform: PlatformPC (other)

Additional Information:

From the (never released) album "A Little Nach Music". Published October 2001.

Download link:

I see 'em come, day in day out, and then I see 'em go
Survival of the fittest is the basis of the foe flow
For sparkin' up the Indo to turning out hoes
From spittin' "Fuck the Police" all the way to "Gimme Some More"
Let it go, 'cause I know you ain't feelin' it
You wanna light up what they sellin' it 'cause they dealin' it
All you cats like me can't try to relate
I'm hear to tell you all I love to masturbate, ha!
Y'all should do, it's really good fo' ya
Ain't gonna give y'all no hairy palms, let me show ya (right here)
??? on a rainy day and also when it's sunny
Bitch, what the fuck you laughin' at? You think this shit funny? (no)
Gotta stroke it all through the night
I ain't ??? but I ain't lyin', I ain't polite
But I tell it right, lick this ??? dick all up in ho faces
They got they places but it ain't all about the basses
Home run like the Hank, I got to thank
Everyone who thought that my flow was a prank
But you gotta wank -- I'm serious, you all delirious?
Self-love is a bit mysterious

Whackin' it, smackin' it, the motherfuckin' world loves jackin' it
The whole planet Earth loves serving cock
Rubbing the pressure out, nigga, round the clock
Jackin' off, whackin' off, good goddamn I love whackin' off
The whole planet Earth loves whackin' off
Motherfuckin' hit it till they go soft

The whole world loves it ??? they're wakin' up
From the second they ??? the time they be breakin' up
They all be makin' up with the genitalia
Hell yeah, got that letter I gotta mail ya
Describin' my use of a paraphenalia
And you know my shit never fail ya
Mixmaster Mike ??? with drugs, you got a ???-pound bass sound
Blaze it up, smoke a ??? around
??? gettin' blunted in a ??? building
I heard weed shows up in the cream filling
I seen pot brownies, I could make a clean killing
Making pot whities, yeah bitch, that's ???
I'm ???, I'm so hot I flood the scene when I nut
Bitches be floating on arks like Noah, but
'Stead of two of everything they five hundred million of my chilluns
??? anyway ??? baby ???
Lucky they be wearin' slickers 'cause I come in by the gallon
I got me more bananas than motherfuckin' Woody Allen
Hos run cheap, good thing I'm a sport
'Cause I don't know how I'd pay that child support

Whackin' it, smackin' it, ... etc.

On the solo tip, got me a boner grip
The hoes be on this dick, like Crips on the clip
It's just a good thing I ain't got no clit
'Cause I don't think I'd be able to handle it
Rubbin' it like it's goin' out of style
Let it loose, smack it around for a little while
What you gonna do when you're sleepin' all alone?
That's right, you gotta get acquainted with the porn:
Hard stuff, soft stuff, bitches-on-they-knees stuff
Cumshots, lesbians, even Japanese stuff
Get yourself a nice tight library goin'
I know you hide it well 'cause you don't want your ho knowing ("what's that, honey?")
Even got a bitch, then why you hearing this?
Jackin' dick is only for the players who can't get hit, right?
Wrong: it fun for the whole family
Even your granny gotta love the punani
When you ain't around, they've been rubbin' it dirty
Nigga, your bitch do it, and she past thirty
The straight-up Gs be comin' outta CPT
Know where I be comin' from? It's got a capital D

Whackin' it, smackin' it, ... etc.

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