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AMIGA-MODElectronique by flag daZe (Patrick)
Requested By: djrandom

Time Left: 2:25

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Song Information

PC-ITThe Creation of Gaia

Author: flag Zastar (Sherman Wu)

Uploaded By: flagBrittletheFly

Song Length: 2:28
Release Year: 1996
Song Status: Active
Song Legacy Flag: R
Song Source: Oldskool
Song Platform: PlatformPC-IT

Additional Information:

" T h e C r e a t i o n o f G a i a "
April 6, 1996
From ZaStaR (Sherman Wu)


"Picture the creation of a newly grown

garden, green overrunning a barren land.."


"It is true that it takes only one seed to

grow a garden. Whether it be a rose or

a weed is up to us."

Well, thanks for the coffee *again* ArtIce.

And thanks Jeffrey Lim for the
best tracker on the planet ;)

Comments? Questions? Howz the song anyway?

I'm at
Warining: I answer ;)


(Press Down/PgDn to see more)

This song requires quite a powerful computer to play it (because it gets
to 44 channels) unless you have a Gravis UltraSound. If your computer
can't handle this, then you will need to play around with the command line

/Lxx will limit the number of channels that can be allocated.
/Mxxxxx will set the 'mixing' speed to use.

Example: IT /L32 will limit the program to 32-note polyphony (still more
than some MIDI soundcards)

The mixing speed is the number of calculations per second that the program
has to make for each note. If you have a SB16, the default is 44kHz (ie.
44 THOUSAND calculations per second per note playing.) Reducing the mixing
speed reduces the quality of the sound, but increases the number of
channels that you can play.

Example: IT /M32000 will set the mixing speed to 32000 calculations per

Of course, you can combine these as such:

IT /M32000 /L16

The final commandline switch worth knowing is /R which reverses left and
right output channels.

- Jeffrey Lim

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