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PC (other)Lightforce 2000 by flag Allister Brimble
Requested By: flagRapture

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Song Information

PC (other)Menschenquellen Have video

Author: flag jco (Jan C. Obergfell) GroupFarbrausch

Uploaded By: flagvsk

Song Length: 5:20
Release Year: 2007
Song Status: Active
Song Bitrate: 224 kbps
Song Source: Demo
Song Platform: PlatformPC (other)

Additional Information:

3rd place in combined demo compo at the Ultimate Meeting 2007

"the (german) text is 100% original from a spam mail that jco received about a month ago (except for the repetitions). not a word was changed, and neither were any of the urls (as spoken). the website is gone for good already, so the whole thing probably was a short-lived scam operation. in any case, the completely fucked up german translation with its unintentional humor was reason enough for jco to make a track out of it, and for me to suggest turning it into a demo :). besides, we both found it hilarious how the job offer crap in the first half slowly turns into the cheesy propaganda-ish phrases full of military metaphors in the second half." -ryg

English "lyrics" taken from the on-screen text in the demo:

salute you! / allow us to inform you / about new offer / by online-investments. / It is best partner program / for human / looking for side service on internets. / Please allow us / explain you few specials / and present interesting information / to you / so you have no necessity / searching another work / on the internets. / (traditional chinese marching music) / You may find our offer / very interesting and useful. / (more glorious marching) / If you have a few free hours per day/ and minimal computer ableyties / then you human / very useful as employee to us. / A lot of people currently / work during long time / and this work is / for them / main job on the internets. / (oh, the heroic hordes!) / Now you have chance doing this! / Now you have chance doing this! / Now you have chance doing this! / Now you still reading subtitles?!? / Allow us say few words about online-investments. / We work with new decisions in business of internets. / Currently we’ve reached international level / and working with many countries. / Now we working in following main concerns / Investments / Information Technology / Human Sources / (virtuosic sitar solo) / We hope / you understand meaning / of our mission / and wanting to be member of great collective! / Please ask yourself / a few questions: / Do YOU want to change life of yours? / Do YOU want to be convinced of next day? / Do YOU want to be useful member of important society? / If YES / Allow us to congratulate you! / All you need contact us! / You can get answer yours question / and give us your / r\`esum\`e per our website / Afterwards, as we get r\`esum\`e of yours / we discuss it / and will be happy to welcome you in our company! / We hope / YOU are interested in our offer / and find you among our best employees! / Human Sources / (the percussion section is victorious) / Please do NOT answer this letter! / Simply visit us on internets! / Please do NOT answer this letter! / Simply visit us on internets! / Human Sources / Human Sources / Human Sources / Human Sources / Human Sources / Human Sources / Human Sources / Human Sources / Please do NOT answer this letter! / Simply visit us on internets! / / to get new information. / Registration form avaliable at address / \url{} / Sincerely, your d.webb online-investments. / Closed captioning by People’s Liberation Subtitlers Jan Liai-Xing

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It was added 13 years, 8 months ago.

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Song Rating: 2.4 - Votes Placed: 168 View Voting History
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fr-minus-09: human sources
fr-minus-09: human sources

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User Comments

User Song Comment

Not the best from JCO. Of course, it can be debated, but to me, it doesnt sound as good.


It is fast
It is hard
I love that kind of e-music bumping my brain out


LOL -- just looked at the voting history: everyone who understands German casts much higher votes

Missing my reqs since 2008

So (Melo), someone german can post the translation ?

Blah! (c:

LW, just watch t he demo....

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